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Melaleuca Leads

Phone Interviewed Melaleuca Leads offers cost-effective Phone Interviewed Melaleuca lead generation. We send you prospects who have been called, and verified to be interested in a health & nutrition related business opportunity.

Benefits of our Melaleuca Leads:
  • Prospect has been called and interviewed by one of our call center reps
  • You only receive prospects who have expressed interest
    in a health & nutrition related home business and want to be contacted by
    a Melaleuca Representative with more information.
  • These are "Hot" prospects waiting for your call.

Each lead is USA only and includes the following information:
  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Full Address
  • IP Address
  • Time able to invest
  • Financial Investment Available
  • Date prospect was interviewed

Delivery Rate: Lead delivery usually begins within 24 hours after ordering. Leads are delivered via email attachment.

Age of Leads: Leads are sent to your email the same day they are called by our call center.

Quantity Cost Each Total Purchase
10 Melaleuca Leads 3.75 $37.50
20 Melaleuca Leads 3.50 $70.00
50 Melaleuca Leads 3.00 $150.00