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What our clients have to say about our leads and services:

"Thank you...we appreciate working with you guys...FYI Jenn ordered some of these leads a few weeks ago and out of 20 leads they enrolled 3 people on our Melaleuca team...these are great numbers!!! and we are so happy we have finally found a company we can trust!"

Colleen O. Colorado

"Hi, I want to thankyou sincerely for supplying the last of leads I ordered as quickly as you did so I am asking again now if you could deliver as many leads per day as quickly as you can it would be most appreciated. I have an end of month deadline for April of 75 leads and you are the Lead company I have selected to help me fulfil this deadline as the quality of the leads are great and how fast you deliver them. Your support is commended."

Kellie S. Australia

"As a team leader with a successful home based business, lead quality is very important to me and my team. I have tried many other lead companies and none compare with for quality leads at an affordable price. I have paid up to $12.00 a lead for comparable leads with other lead companies. My team members and I have already made many thousands of dollars in commissions with your leads, and I now use these leads exclusively for my personal use as well as for my team to build their businesses quickly and effectively. I have recieved fantastic customer service as well. Thank you for a great product at a great price!"

Sheila D. California

"I purchased 100 telephone verified leads from Custom Leads for my Home Travel Business. It was remarkable the number of prospects that answered my calls and the number I was able to put into my pipeline. Out of the 100 leads, I was able to talk to 84 prospects. I put 60% into my pipeline and of those 51 I have 6 ready to sign up. I have another 8 attending our next Wealth Building Event online tomorrow. My last two orders from Custom Leads have been great. I can hardly wait to receive my next group of Custom Leads. With results like this, I can not afford to go anywhere else for my leads."

James D. Nevada

"By the way, the female phone verified leads worked great. My mentor Jean, who ordered some after I told her about your company, signed up 2 people out of her first 10 calls. We're spreading the word. Thanks again."

Marie W. Alabama

"You guys are the bomb! Man, that was so fast I am speechless. Thanks for every thing. These are the best autoresponder leads I have ever used. Keep up the good work and know that my business and I appreciate you all so much. Again thanks,"

Eva C. Texas

"First I'd like to say that the leads you have been providing us with have been awesome! They have been very responsive and we love them."

Michael K. Kansas

"Thank you for being so accommodating. Your excellent customer service really shows and I will remember this when purchasing my next set of leads. I was able to upload 5000 of these leads today! Thanks again!"

Maryjean H. California

"So far your leads are awesome everyone we called was interested and happy to talk to us which is more than we can say for any of the last three we used."

Steven W. Arizona

"You guys had good leads last time I purchased....bring me some more! Thanks!"

Cindy R. Washington

"Thank you for your support. I’m very pleased with the response rate of the Melaleuca leads and I would like to order them on a monthly basis."

Brad C. Canada

"Thank you and please send as soon as possible I am having great success with these leads."

Lori R. Wyoming

"I've tried numerous other lead companies and your leads have been the most successful. I had been “burnt” so many times with previous lead companies that I almost gave up on the whole idea of internet based leads. The leads are real and truly exclusive. I couldn't be happier with them. Thanks!"

Ron A. Nevada

"I just want to say that 2 hours after I had originally emailed you, I have 5 brokers signing within the next week from these leads! I am so excited! Thanks for your support and help."

Melissa B. Texas

"I was surfing last week and found your site. You were not on our recommended lead list but I thought I would give you a try on my own. Last time I broke ranks it was a waste of my time and money and quite a punishment. Purchased your leads last week just to see how they would worked out."

"I have been pleased enough to be back this week and I have recommended you to one other person so far. Another few weeks and then I might can present you to my upline and downline."

Cynthia G. Louisiana

"I have been purchasing your leads for about a month and have been very pleased at the quality. Keep up the good work. Thank you"

Cynthia G. Louisiana

"One word about your Female leads. GREAT. I will always continue to purchase these leads. I think I found a source that I am finally happy with. Keep up the good work as I will keep coming back!"

Mary B. Ohio

"This is a great product and I love mine."

Gaila R. California

"The leads have been great!!!!!! I have other people that are ordering your leads. Keep sending me serious business minded people. THANK YOU"

Rebecca R. Texas

"Your leads are awesome! Out of 25 leads I have received 5 enrollments. I will definitely continue to use these leads. Thank You!"

Robert B. Georgia

"Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the quality of the leads I have received. I have set appointments that I have either closed already or have very positive outlooks. The prospects I have talked with have been, for the most part very positive and were in fact looking for a home based business. It’s nice not to get “blown off” when people answer the phone or have them tell me they were not looking for information on Melaleuca. Keep up the good work."

Dale T. Arizona

"The Female Only leads are fantastic! I have used leads from many sources and your leads are the best that I have ever used. Thanks."

Pamella L. Ohio

"These are definitely some of the best leads I have used. It is great to contact someone that is expecting a phone call from me."

Kurtis B. California

"I've had great success with your televerified leads."

Jonathan C. Wyoming

"By the way thank you for the leads they worked out great. I have oppointments on the one's you sent me and one sign up so far."

Kimyatta T. Indiana

"This is my second order, we are very pleased with the first set of leads."

Ruby T. South Carolina

"I'm really happy with what I get. I've referred my upline to use your service. I'll keep referring more people to your website. Keep up the good work!"

Jonathan F. Australia

"These leads are great.. Thanks so much.."

Cynthia T. Georgia

"This is the second time I've bought from this site. You guys are good..."

Thomas O. New Mexico

"I have been pleasantly surprised with the reception I receive and the genuine interest that is shown! People are actually expecting my call and are happy to discuss their interest in a home business."

Matthew M. Illinois

"I tired your leads for the first time and I was very impressed. I recommended you to my team. I have more success with your leads than the ones we were currently using. Thank You!"

Ingrid M. Missouri


"I have been very pleased with the quality of your leads. I have been using your double opt in leads for the past month or so and I have been having great results. Keep up the great Work!"

Alan H. Washington

"I just wanted to let you know that the leads I got the last time were very good thanks alot. Keep them coming."

Gary C. Michigan

"I have tried several lead sources and yours have proven to be the best. When I contact the people, they remember asking for the information and are anxious to learn more."

Tracy K. Maryland

"I LOVE these leads, and I am sending my whole team to the site! Have an AWESOME day and look for my order in the morning!"

Darcy K. Pennsylvania

"I wanted to personally thank you for your response. I'm working on these leads and having a great time! This is definitely a great way to build your business and I look forward to continued opportunities! Thanks again!"

Jennifer K. Kansas

"My name is Derrick V. and I am a customer. Just wanted to say you have a very Good customer service person in Karey!

She is very Helpful, Courteous, Patient and Knowledgeable. Every time I have a request she answers in a very Professional and Prompt manner.

I enjoy the Prices and Quality of your Leads.

God Bless!"

Derrick V. Illinois

"Your Prices are cheaper than most Lead Companies, also the quality has been good. Having good conversations with people."

Derrick V. Illinois

"The leads, which I purchased last were great! They were Melaleuca, phone interviewed leads.Thanks. I cannot wait to buy more. Any deeper discount, on quantity?"

Linda C. New Hampshire

"I've tried your leads one other time and had pretty good success. I'm trying again."

Colleen H. Texas

"I want to build my buisiness and recieved this link from another member of automaticbuilder, they had also bought and were very happy with the outcome."

Jenny B. United Kingdom

"I have found these to be some great leads, that is why i keep coming back, thanks."

Priscilla B. Florida

"Thanks for the guys do such an awesome job on the leads. They are worth waiting for."

Julie G. Canada

"Dear sir/madam,
A big big thank you for the quality of leads that we have received from you. we wre wondering do you do a bigger bulk buy than 50?"

John R. United Kingdom