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We provide not only up-to-date network marketing / MLM leads lists to bring sales and affiliate building to your business, but we also provide you with highly qualified business opportunity seekers who are truly interested in pursuing a home-based business opportunity. is one of the top MLM lead companies in this industry and we operate with a single goal in mind: ensuring that we provide the best possible MLM leads for your company to grow your business. We specialize in generating high-quality business opportunity leads that are highly responsive and will convert. Combined with the excellent support that we provide, it is easy to see why our services have gained a reputation as a company that you can trust.

Finding MLM leads that are genuinely interested in your home business opportunity can be difficult on your own. Finding a service that provides high-quality MLM lead generation and cares about the success of your business can be even more challenging. Whether you are a large business with thousands of people on your team or a small business, we can help you find the MLM leads that you need.

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What Makes's MLM Leads and Network Marketing Leads Different?

When you purchase leads from Custom Leads, you can select from our full range of quality leads depending on your needs. You'll always receive the contact information and other up-to-date information for every lead so that you can make contact as soon as possible.

While other lead companies may offer similar services, our recruiting methods ensure that every lead has been verified to guarantee that you will be able to make contact. In addition, our recruiting methods ensure that every lead will have a high level of interest in your home-based business opportunity. We can do this because we focus on what the prospect's wants are and adjust the opt-in process accordingly to ensure that they are perfectly matched to every list. We design our process to make prospects come to us instead of the other way around.

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If you are wondering why you should try Custom Leads, just know that using MLM leads and Network Marketing Leads can dramatically improve your conversion rates. We take the guesswork out of the process so you are no longer wasting time trying to figure out how to optimize landing pages to drive more conversions. In addition, our services allow you to avoid the hassle of dealing with invalid or false leads in your lists.

What makes our mlm leads and network marketing leads the best for your business?

CustomLeads offers state-of-the-art Network Marketing Leads and MLM leads generation services. We save you time and money by providing you the highest quality and best business opportunity leads for your unique business. We have all of the bases covered so that you can work on building up your business with the most ease possible.

We want you to be successful. Our services are not only about selling leads. We want to become your partner that helps your business to grow. If you are an experienced marketer or are just getting started, we are here to guide you to better quality MLM leads and Network Marketing Leads.

Our Top 3 MLM Leads and Network Marketing Leads Lists For Sale.

1. Phone Verified Leads are are people contacted and verified about their sincerity in wanting to start a business opportunity. We provide you with their contact information, including the best time of day to call them, so that you can pick up the phone and find someone who is genuinely interested.

2. Local Leads If you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors and target your local area, these are the way to go. Local leads are generated through the area code. You choose the area code and we deliver. People are more likely to answer the phone when they see a local number calling. If you choose to you can meet the prospects face-to-face, which goes a long way in establishing your credibility.

3. Real-Time Leads are the freshest leads offered. Here's how it works: someone gets online and fills out a survey form requesting more information about starting a business from their home. The instant they hit the "Submit button", their information is emailed directly to you! If you've got your email up, you'll see it pop up and can contact them while they're still online! Real-Time Leads also come with a control panel for you to view leads, set the number of leads delivered daily, pause lead delivery, download leads, set appointments, and more. Real-Time leads are available for United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

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Our MLM network marketing leads lists are generated via the following methods.

mlm lead generation
  • Network of lead producing websites on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Company consumer promotions.
  • Company solo email advertising.
  • Newsletters from our job opportunity sites.
  • Advertising on a network of company and 3rd party websites.
  • Radio advertising.
  • Newspapers across North America.

  •'s unique leads generation system provides you with the most targeted leads to help improve your marketing, increase sales, and grow your business. Our goal is to set you or your sales force up for success.

    Our Team Knows Quality Business Opportunity Leads, Network Marketing Leads, and MLM Leads Generation!

    What makes us the BEST CHOICE for all of your business building needs?

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    We are committed to providing quality prospecting data for your business at the highest level of reliability and integrity! Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. You can contact live support either by phone or online, whichever is more convenient to you. We are number one in business leads services and customer satisfaction because we want you to succeed! It's as simple as that!


    Comments about our services.

    • "Hi, I want to thank you sincerely for supplying the last of leads I ordered as quickly as you did so I am asking again now if you could deliver as many leads per day as quickly as you can it would be most appreciated. I have an end of month deadline for April of 75 leads and you are the Lead company I have selected to help me fulfil this deadline as the quality of the mlm leads are great and how fast you deliver them. Your support is commended."
      Kellie S.
    • 5
      “Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the quality of the leads I have received. I have set appointments that I have either closed already or have very positive outlooks. The prospects I have talked with have been, for the most part very positive and were in fact looking for a home based business. It’s nice not to get “blown off” when people answer the phone or have them tell me they were not looking for information on Melaleuca. Keep up the good work.”
      Dale T.
    • 5
      “I was surfing last week and found your site. You were not on our recommended lead list but I thought I would give you a try on my own. Last time I broke ranks it was a waste of my time and money and quite a punishment. Purchased your leads last week just to see how they would worked out. I have been pleased enough to be back this week and I have recommended you to one other person so far. Another few weeks and then I might can present you to my upline and downline.”
      Cynthia G.
    • 5
      “I’ve tried numerous other lead companies and your leads have been the most successful. I had been “burnt” so many times with previous lead companies that I almost gave up on the whole idea of internet based leads. The leads are real and truly exclusive. I couldn’t be happier with them. Thanks!”
      Ron A.
    • 5
      “As a team leader with a successful home based business, lead quality is very important to me and my team. I have tried many other lead companies and none compare with for quality leads at an affordable price. I have paid up to $12.00 a lead for comparable leads with other lead companies. My team members and I have already made many thousands of dollars in commissions with your leads, and I now use these leads exclusively for my personal use as well as for my team to build their businesses quickly and effectively. I have recieved fantastic customer service as well. Thank you for a great product at a great price!”
      Sheila D.
    • 5
      “I purchased 100 telephone verified leads from Custom Leads for my Home Travel Business. It was remarkable the number of prospects that answered my calls and the number I was able to put into my pipeline. Out of the 100 leads, I was able to talk to 84 prospects. I put 60% into my pipeline and of those 51 I have 6 ready to sign up. I have another 8 attending our next Wealth Building Event online tomorrow. My last two orders from Custom Leads have been great. I can hardly wait to receive my next group of Custom Leads. With results like this, I can not afford to go anywhere else for my leads.”
      James D
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      “Thank you…we appreciate working with you guys…FYI Jenn ordered some of these leads a few weeks ago and out of 20 leads they enrolled 3 people on our Melaleuca team…these are great numbers!!! and we are so happy we have finally found a company we can trust!”
      Colleen O.
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      “You guys are the bomb! Man, that was so fast I am speechless. Thanks for every thing. These are the best autoresponder leads I have ever used. Keep up the good work and know that my business and I appreciate you all so much. Again thanks,”
      Eva C.